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Thank you to our photographers: Renee Russell, official Friends photographer; Keith Toler, Portsmouth Director of Tourism; and Diane Cripps, Curator for Shipyard and Lightship Portsmouth Museums

Thank you Freedom Boat Club for transportation, bodies and safety boats!

Getting the day started

Thank you City of Portsmouth!

Getting the Boats, Boards and Racers Ready

All those blue shirts are some of our 60 volunteers -- thank you!

Mayor Shannon Glover getting safetied up

Children's Activities Start Early

Getting the starting gun ready?
Free Lightship Portsmouth coloring books and crayons

Heading to the Starting Line

Mayor Shannon Glover

Seem Like Fun -- Register NOW!

Colin McGlynn (at right) -- youngest Racer at 16 years old

Tidewater Maritime Living History Association Entertains and Educates Children and Adults Alike

Renee Rusell, Official Friends Photographer, in blue

Hanging out and waiting for the Start

Mayor Shannon Glover in red kayak

Race Committee getting things ready for the Start

From left, Adm. Mark Hugel (Ret.)(former Norfolk Naval Shipyard Commander), Grant Owens, Mary Arel (in back) and Gary Bahena (Paddle Battle Co-Chair)

Lining up for the Start

Colin McGlynn (2nd from bottom)

And They're Off!
The Inaugural Portsmouth Paddle Battle Has Begun!

Colin McGlynn (3rd from bottom)

You know you want to try this -- Register NOW!

Heading Up-course to the Hammerhead Crane

The Elizabeth River -- A River for Work and for Play.
We couldn't have planned this moment if we'd tried.

604 ft. Navig8 Aragonite oil and chemical tanker en route to Brunswick, Georgia. Five days after the Paddle Battle, the Navig8 Aragonite rescued five men and a woman from a sinking rubber raft. The rescued persons had spent almost one week hoping to be found and rescued.

To be clear, much advance work went into making the Paddle Battle, and sharing the Elizabeth River, a safe experience for all. Ship and tug operators, along with the Virginia Pilots who steer the ships while in the River, were notified 30 days in advance, and again on Paddle Battle day, that this event was occurring and to route traffic accordingly, the Navig8 Aragonite actually altered her course, with the assistance of the tug (thank you Rosemary McAllister), to be at the extreme far edge of the shipping channel, the Paddle Battle race course was specifically designed to be at the extreme opposite edge (and for the most part outside) of the shipping channel, both the Coast Guard and the Portsmouth Fire Department had boats in the water to provide for additional safety -- on top of the 4 safety boats provided by the Freedom Boat Club, and throughout this entire time the Race Committee was in constant radio contact with the Virginia Pilot at the helm of the Navig8 Aragonite and with the Captain of the Rosemary McAllister.
Colin McGlynn in kayak, and unidentified SUP, heading home toward the Finish Line
Colin McGlynn losing the Race to the tanker. Paddle faster Colin!

Heading Home

Almost done -- just a few yards left

The little red ball floating in the water is the finish line


Colin McGlynn -- almost caught the tanker

Resting and playing after the Race

Ahhh, time to just stop and smell the water
Some folks just can't relax

Register NOW for Paddle Battle 2022!

Every Race needs a bit of jousting

Back on shore

Dan Rosnato -- our amazing opening act
Friends of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum Board Members, from left, Jeannie McCoy (back turned)(also Paddle Battle Co-Chair), Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Steve Milner and Steve Poole (standing facing forward)
Thank you to the Portsmouth Fire and Police Departments for helping and participating in the Inaugural Portsmouth Paddle Battle! From left, Lt. Kevin Roenker (PFD), Capt. Matt Wells (PFD), Firefighter William Trollinger (PFD), unidentified spectator and Sgt. Mark Luck (PPD).
Thank you Portsmouth Sheriff's Office! Auxiliary Sheriff Officer, and US Coast Guard Commander, James Cullen
US Coast Guard Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR_ team. Semper Paratus!
Relaxing to the sounds of Soul Intent
Soul Intent
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